Your Council

Services we provide:

  • Recreation Grounds - We manage Stockcross, Speen and Marsh Benham Recreation Grounds and Pavilions. Click here for more information on Recreation Grounds.  
  • Environmental Maintenance - Litter picking, removal of graffiti, cutting back of undergrowth encroaching on pavements (unless this belong to private property), waste removal (including fly-tipping, dog and drug waste). Report issue of concern via the Clerk.
  • Street Lighting - We maintain some of the street lights in the Parish, specifically those in Church Lane, Lambourn Road and Speen Lane. The Highways Authority is responsible for the others. In either case a faulty light should be reported through the Parish Council via the Clerk.
  • Maintain Sites of Historic Interest - We own and manage the Ladywell, Speen Lane War Memorial (Grade II Listed), The Pound. Click here for more information on Sites of Historic Interest.

  • Bus Shelter - We own the bus shelter on the B4000 in Stockcross
  • Street Furniture - We own and maintain a number of benches around the Parish
  • Salt Bins - From winter 2016, we manage five salt bins in the parish. In case of damage or bins being near to, or already empty contact the Clerk
  • Phone Box - We own the red phone box outside the Stockcross post office. 
  • Dog Bins - Two at Speen Recreation Ground, Two at Stockcross Recreation Ground, One at Marsh Benham Recreation Ground, One at Moor Lane Depot and One at Church Lane. Sovereign Housing Association also paid for the installation of a dog bin at Kersey Crescent.