Governing Policies


Speen Parish Council has adopted several different policies and procedures.  These are reviewed & approved annually.  Click on the policy to view it.

Complaints procedure

s137 Grant application

Press & media

Bullying and Harrassment   

Email and Internet

Risk Management

Financial regulations

NALC Financial Standing Orders (as adopted by Speen Parish Council)         

Equal opportunities 

Employment matters

Staff Disciplinary & Grievance            

Lone working

Internal audit   

Health & Safety  



Committee Terms of Reference

Standing Orders

The Standing Orders are the Parish Council's guide on the legal, financial, administrative and governance aspects of running a local council.

Speen Parish Council uses NALC’s Model Standing Orders 2013.

Details can be found here       Addition to standing orders

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 came into force to encourage greater transparency and openness across the whole public sector.

Speen Parish Council uses the Information Commissioner’s Office new model publication scheme in 2008.

Details of the scheme can be found here

Code of Conduct

Details can be found here


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