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Welcome to the Speen Parish Council website

Speen Parish Council covers five distinct settlements – Bagnor, Marsh Benham, Speen, Stockcross, Woodspeen. The Parish Council is the tier of Local Government closest to the people.

The Parish Council is eager to ensure that its priorities and initiatives reflect the wishes of the electorate. Council meetings are open to the public and always begin with a 10 minute open session for public comments. The clerk may be contacted if you have any ideas for or concerns about the parish, or any issues with which we may be able to help.

Services We Provide

Recreation Grounds

We manage Stockcross, Speen and Marsh Benham Recreation Grounds and pavilions. Click here for more information.

Street Lighting

The Parish Council is responsible for maintenance of some of the street lights in the Parish, specifically those in Church Lane, Lambourn Road and Speen Lane. The Highways Authority is responsible for the others. In either case a faulty light should be reported through the Parish Council by contacting the Parish Clerk.

Maintain Sites of Historic Interest

Ladywell, War Memorial, The Pound. Click here for more information.

Bus Shelter at Stockcross

Dog Bins

Two at Stockcross Recreation Ground, one at Church Lane and one at Grove Road. Recently Sovereign Housing Association has paid for the installation of a dog bin at Kersey Crescent.

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